Monday, 14 March 2016

Indian Magazines In Australia Go The Online Way

There was once a time when finding an Indian newspaper in Melbourne was next to impossible. Given that there were not a lot of Indians in the city, no one felt the need to cater to this small section of the Melbourne society. When the numbers started to grow, certain publishing houses pounced upon the burgeoning opportunity and started printing newspapers that catered exclusively to the Indians living in Australia. 

 The move then shifted to the world of magazines and hence started the appearance of Indian magazines in Australia. Initially, there were only one or two of them, and they covered almost all the topics that could entice the Indian, living in Australia. There were a few articles that were related to the political and social issues and then there were a few pages dedicated to the Indian film industry. 

 Today however, the scenario is really different – Indian magazines and Indian newspapers in Adelaide as well as every other city in Australia have gone the online way, which means that you can read them, no matter where you are. Newspapers and magazines that are being published in the numerous cities of India have now found their online presence, and with that they are now reaching out to a much larger audience. 

These days, whether you are sitting in Melbourne or are on your way to Sydney from Perth, there is no Indian newspaper or magazine that is far from you. As a matter of fact, reading online is much easier, because you can always have it on your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

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