Monday, 4 April 2016

Choosing From The Top Indian News Portals In Australia

Ask anyone and chances are that they will tell you that they are no longer the kind of people, who want to read a newspaper the traditional way. They no longer want to hold a physical newspaper in their hands, and spend time, sifting through all the news, till they find what it is they are exactly interested in. Even though there was more than one Indian newspaper in Australia, a growing number of people, started drifting away from it and this happened because a new method of reading news emerged. 

From the time the very first news portal arrived on the World Wide Web, there was no turning back, because a growing number of people started to choose reading their news, this way. Once the newspaper went the online route, there was no need to wait for the newspaper to be delivered to your doorstep each day. The moment you woke up, the newspaper would be waiting for you on your phone or laptop. 

Yet another reason for the rise of several top Indian news portals in Australia was the fact that there was no longer the need to carry the newspaper with you, especially if you wanted to read it while you were on the move. With the online newspaper, you could read the news, when you wanted and wherever you wanted. Not only did this make the news more mobile, it also made it a lot more accessible. It comes as no surprise that these days, even the magazines are preferring to go online and reach out to a larger audience. 

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